Suboxone Clinic in Huntsville Alabama

Synergy Wellness operates a walk-in clinic as well as a certified Suboxone clinic.  Our suboxone clinic is owned and operated by board certified emergency doctors and is a part of our main walk-in clinic in the mid-city area of Huntsville, Alabama.

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Our board-certified suboxone doctors will evaluate and begin medication assisted treatment to bring releif to patients suffering from opioid addiction withdrawals.

Suboxone Clinic in Huntsville Alabama

Our walk-in clinic serves both as (primary/wellness/preventive) care center but also as a certified Suboxone clinic.

Suboxone patients can schedule an in-person, initial appointment to design a personalized treatment program. You can read more about how it works, click here.

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Monday – Friday

Saturday – Sunday

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Certified Suboxone Doctors in Huntsville Alabama

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Synergy Wellness is a certified suboxone clinic to treat opioid dependence. are certified to help with withdrawals caused by opioid use disorder.

Synergy Wellness operates walk-in clinics in Huntsville Alabama and is staffed by well trained and experienced professionals. 

Find relief from cravings and withdrawals

Begin opioid addiction Medication-Assisted Treatment

We treat opioid addiction with the use of buprenorphine-naloxone, better known as Suboxone®.

We provide suboxone injections by a certified physician and follow ups can be done via tele-visits to ease the burden of travel in this post pandemeic era.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can move your participation to our program from a different program. We will need access to all of your medical records in order to treat you at Synergy Wellness.

Yes, you are welcome to join our program. We always ask for complete honesty in order to ensure the best treatment possible, and we are here to help no matter what path you have previously chosen.

Yes, with adequate proof of diagnosis to confirm the necessity of these medications, Synergy Wellness can manage your other non-opioid prescription medications. However, buprenorphine is the only opioid we can prescribe in good conscience, given our stance as dedicated patient advocates in the opioid crisis.

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The path to recovery starts with a simple call to our friendly and caring Suboxone Clinic in Huntsville Alabama. Our Suboxone doctors are experienced with providing medication assisted treatment to reduce the withdrawal symptoms associated with opioid use disorder.